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Safe Transitions in a Pandemic

We are THRILLED for our happy clients (we call them friends) as we help them navigate SAFE TRANSITIONS during a pandemic. Most folks worry and feel overwhelmed about the prospect of downsizing and moving. Adding the fear of safety with COVID is enough to make folks feel hopeless. We want you to know that we are dedicated to your success & well being and that it CAN be done safely! As a former elder care nurse, we take every precaution and follow a strict protocol to ensure a safe, manageable and successful transition!

Our most recent testimonial:

After our first meeting I said to my mom that it seemed like “Deborah and Jan would be able to squeeze every penny out of the house and hold our hands while doing it. That is exactly what happened, even beyond what we imagined. In most cases the answers were provided before we even knew what questions to ask. When decisions were to be made Deborah always took time to thoroughly explain options and put them in the context of our specific needs. The whole process was laid out with clarity and careful attention to detail. One of the most reassuring things was the anticipation of expenses that was spot on. So grateful to have been warned. They put a lot of creative hard work into a safe moving sale in the midst of the pandemic – above and beyond! The last time I saw them was after the movers had come. I had to leave the next day and it was chaos – no one was taking donations because of the pandemic. I was going to try to make multiple trips to the dump and then drive two days to get home when Debby said, “That’s why we call it walk away service. You can give us the keys right now and we’ll take care of the rest.” What a blessing!”

Please let us know if you have any questions or need counsel/advise about how to get started! Debby Del Negro or Jan Rodrigues 508.367.0798

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